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Social Groups

Boys with toys

Simply Social Group 

Social Skills group for the young learners that targets skills such as: Play, turn-taking, orienting towards speaker, responding to simple group instructions, etc.

Each cohort is 12-weeks long and each session is for 2-hours per week.

Fill out the pre-screener form to register! 

Pinwheel Kids

Sit back, Relax and REGULATE

This self-regulation support group will teach the participants about emotional regulation. It will cover self-regulation strategies, promote mindfulness and strengthen functional communication in moments of non-regulation. 

Each cohort of the group will be approximately 10-12weeks with 2-hour sessions per week.  Fill out the Pre-Screener form below to register!

Kid Chefs

Ready, Set, COOK

This Cooking Club will work to teach participants easy recipes to promote independence in the kitchen. It will cover kitchen safety skills, work on skills to follow a recipe and maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen. It will teach the participants to use small kitchen appliances. 

Each cohort will be approximately 10-12 weeks in duration and the sessions will be 2 hours per week. Fill out the pre-screener form below to register!



How long is the program?​

  • Each cohort is 12-weeks long. All groups run on Saturdays.

Who will be attending the Social Group?

  • The groupings are based on skills and based on your child's skills they will be groups with appropriate peers. The ratio of children to instructors will be 3:1. 

How much does it cost?

  • The cost of each group varies- please contact us for the price. 

What if my child misses a session?​

  • Missed sessions are non-refundable and cannot be made up.


Can I use my OAP funding?   

  • The social skills group is overseen by a BCBA and can be paid for using funding from the Ontario Autism Program.   


What to send in?  

  • Please send in a snack and a water bottle.   


Will a toileting schedule be followed for my child?  

  • Since this is a group, the students will be encouraged to use the washroom during snack or transitions but the team will not be able to follow individual toileting schedules. If the child cannot request to use the washroom or remain dry for at least 2.5 hours, then they should be sent in a pullup.   

What is the registration process?

  1.  Fill out the pre-screener. 

  2.  If there is match for your child, the team will contact you and will send you the details and the Registration Form.

  3. Pay the invoice

  4. Email with pick up and drop off instructions will be sent out

  5. Social Group Starts!  

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