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Teacher and Student
Diverse Kindergarten
Preschool Class


Clients in our ABA program are provided direct 1:1 instruction from trained Instructor Therapists. Goals are created by our BCBAs® based on the assessment, collaboration with other professions involved (Speech therapist, Teachers, Occupational therapists), and parent consultations. The teams consists Instructor Therapists, our highly trained RBT® who play the role of the Team Lead, and Supervising Therapist who provide clinical oversight and monitor progress.


Our Social Butterfly Group is a 12-week program, which will match your child with peers of similar age, strengths, needs, and goals. The program will be monitored by one of Oakridge’s BCBAs and implemented by our Registered Behaviour Therapist. The aim of the program will be to strengthen social communication, develop play skills, and help with emotional regulation and development. Similar to one-to-one sessions, goals will data-driven.

Eligibility: ages 2-8

Session length: 2 hours per week for 12-weeks


Our School Readiness Program will provide the opportunity for your child to experience a classroom setting with one-to-one support. This program is developed to help children master skills for increased independence in the classroom. Goals will be individualized and taught in a group setting with peers at a similar developmental level. This program will be led by a classroom leader, while children are supported by our experienced therapist and registered behaviour therapist, and progress will be monitored by our BCBAs. 

Eligibility: ages 3-8

Session time: 10am-2pm every Saturdays

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Get in touch with one of our BCBAs to get support and guidance on challenging behaviours at home. This is a one time consultative service last between 45 minutes to an hour in length, along with a 15 minute check in. During your initial call, your BCBA will chat with you to learn more of the issue, and provide you with specific strategies. In your follow up, you can share how implementation of those strategies has been working, and trouble shoot any issues which may risen.


This service allows parents to set up weekly appointments with our BCBAs. This can help support ongoing challenges families deal with. Each call can last between 30 minutes to an hour. Our BCBA will provide strategies, resources, and feedback to help you strengthen your skills in managing your child's behaviours at home and in the community.

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